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Grading Results

Congratulations to our members who were promoted at the recent grading. Well done also to the members from Athlone who were promoted.

Galway Results as follows:

Promoted toMember
8th KupCiaran O’Toole,
Noel Staunton,
Ronan O’Loughlin
9th KupNatasha Johnson,
Andrew Johnson,
Martin Davitt,
Robert Davitt,
Ceara O'Toole,
Progress Isibor,
Pedro Abraham,
Nigel Collins,
Justin Preisler

ITF Course – First GrandMaster Rhee

Master O'Donnell VII (then Mr O'Donnell VI) and Mr Collins II travelled to Glasgow recently to attend an official ITF International Course conducted by First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, IX, the Pioneer of Taekwon-Do in Ireland and the UK. The course was attended by members from all over the UK, as well as from as far away as Slovenia. Grandmaster Rhee was an inspiration as always, and was assisted in conducting the seminar by Senior Masters Cutler, Williamson, Taylor, O'Neill & Miller. The course was spread over 2 days and covered all aspects of Taekwon-Do including the 24 patterns, as well as the correct methodology for conducting classes.


Grading Results

Congratulations to our members who were successful in the colour belt grading on 21st August. Well done also to the members from Athlone who were promoted on the day. Examiners were Master Howard VII and Master O'Donnell VII (then Mr O'Donnell VI), ITF International Instructors. Results as follows:

Promoted toMember
3rd KupPadraic Carter
4th KupAyshea O’Toole
5th KupMicheal Joyce
6th KupDamien Vaughan
Aiden Traynor
9th KupDeana Walsh

National Colour Belt Squad

The first squad session of the R.I.T.A. National Colour Belt Development Squad is to take place in The Dojang, North Quay, Carrick-on-Suir on Saturday, 11th September from 12.00pm to 2.30pm, under the instruction of National Colour Belt Coach, Mr Paul Tobin 3rd Degree. This is a fantastic opportunity for interested colour belts to get involved in squad training for the national colour belt team, and develop their competition skills under a great coach. All members who are interested in competition are strongly encouraged to get involved in this great development programme. More info on the RITA website (www.rita-itf.org) or from Mr Tobin at 087-2447886 or e-mail paultbn@gmail.com.


National Black Belt Class

ITF Senior Master Anthony Phelan 8th Degree recently visited Athlone to conduct an official Black Belt Class. Members ranging from 1st to 7th Degree attended from RITA schools all over the country to benefit from Senior Master Phelan’s vast experience in Taekwon-Do which spans over 40 years. Six Galway black belts took part in the class (pictured above): Mr Paul Connolly 1st Degree, Mr Conor McCormack 1st Degree, Mr Martin Mahoney 2nd Degree, Senior Master Phelan 8th Degree, Mr Tim Collins 2nd Degree, Ms Therese McGrath 1st Degree, Ms Marina O’Donnell 2nd Degree

Some of the next generation of TKD Black Belts from the Howard & O’Donnell families also came along to visit.

Recent Grading

Congratulations to all the members who were successful at the recent Grading & Juniors Assessment held at the end of June:

Beginners Class - Promoted to 9th Kup
Ciaran O᾿Toole
Noel Staunton (O+)
Nigel Gilhooley
Ronan O᾿ Loughlin
Tigers Class promoted to 9th Kup
Ryan O᾿Toole
Maria Ciobanu
Dragons Class promoted to Black Stripe
Irene Ciobanu
Conall Martin
Patryk Lis
Ellen Brennan
Cillian Ward

Well done to everyone!
Our Tigers & Dragons class is on Summer break, and will re-start on September 8th. To find out more about the class or book a place for your child, please contact us.


Wednesday Workshops

The summer series of Wednesday night 'workshop' classes kicked off on 7th July with a 2 hour session dedicated to stretching and increasing flexibility. The idea behind the class was to give the students the knowledge necessary to develop their own flexibility programme at home. The correct methodology for warming up was explained to the students, followed by intensive work on various stretching methods, including dynamic, static (active & passive), and isometric stretching, both single and partnered. The members were then taken through the correct process for cooling down. The second workshop covered powerbreaking techniques, and began with an explanation of the TKD theory of power, and how it applies to breaking techniques. Members then practiced a variety of breaking techniques on focus boards & timber, and black belts were given 'the brick'! The workshop classes continue until 1 September, with a different topic each week, and all eligible members are encouraged to attend.


Athlone Class

Master O’Donnell was invited to the Athlone School recently to conduct a class in the new Dojang located at the Bower secondary school gym. Some of the Galway members also travelled over to attend the class. With a broad range of students present, from members who were attending their first ever Taekwon-Do class up to 2nd Degree Black Belt, fundamental movements & close range self defence techniques were the main focus of the 2-hour session. After finishing the main class, Master O’Donnell also covered pattern instruction for the black belts.


Third ITF International Course

The Lucan Spa Hotel in Dublin was the venue for the third ITF International Course conducted by the RITA’s Senior Master Francis Barrett VIII Degree. Members of the association from all parts of Ireland and ranging from 8th Kup Yellow Belt to VII Degree Master gathered in the hall on the first day of the two-day event. Seniors in attendance on the course included our own Master Robert Howard VII, and the RITA’s most recently promoted VII Degree, Master John Jacob. The Galway School was represented by Master O’Donnell, Mr Collins, Mr McCormack, and Ms McGrath... Photos and Full Report

Code of Ethics Course

Five of our members recently completed the Code of Ethics Awareness Course for Childrens’ Sport. Mr Connolly, Mr McCormack, Ms McGrath, Damien Vaughan, and P.J. Flaherty took part in the course which was run by the Galway City Sports Partnership in City Hall. Our School has adopted a Code of Practice for Children in Taekwon-Do. All adult members and parents of junior students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with this document - click here to view.


National Instructors Course

Well done to our Black Belt Members who completed the ITF/RITA National Instructors Course conducted recently by Senior Master Howard 8th Degree and Senior Master Barrett 8th Degree. Our school was represented at the course by Master O’Donnell 7th (then Mr O’Donnell 6th) Degree, Mr Martin Mahoney 2nd Degree, Mr Tim Collins 2nd Degree, Mr Conor McCormack 1st Degree, and Ms Therese McGrath 1st Degree.


RITA Black Belt Class - Athlone

Senior Master Anthony Phelan VIII will conduct an official RITA Black Belt Class hosted by Athlone Taekwon-Do School on Sunday 18th July from 12-2pm. The venue is the Bower Secondary School, Retreat Road, Athlone. Open to all registered RITA Black Belts. Click here to download form.


Senior Masters Seminar

Master O’Donnell, along with four members of the school (Mr Paul Connolly, Rafal Aksamit, Ciaran Flatley, and Damien Vaughan) attended the recent Patterns & Power Seminar conducted by Senior Master Robert Howard VIII, Senior Master Anthony Phelan VIII, and Senior Master Francis Barrett VIII, and hosted by St Marks TKD School. It was yet another great seminar, and the Senior Masters covered fundamental movements & patterns up to Tong-Il in detail before moving onto the power and breaking section. Sincere thanks to the Senior Masters and to Ms Keane and all at St Marks for a great event.


Success at ITF Ireland Cup

Well done to all our members who took part in the inaugural ITF Ireland Cup in Waterford on 17th April. We had 8 members competing bringing home a total of 11 medals for our school, and everyone came away with a medal. Results as follows:

Mr Tim CollinsBronze sparring
Mr Conor McCormackSilver patterns
Ms Therese McGrathSilver sparring
Mark McCormackBronze patterns, Silver sparring
Ciaran FlatleyBronze patterns
Damien VaughanGold patterns, Bronze sparring
Aiden Traynor Silver patterns, Bronze sparring
Cristian Deliv Silver sparring

Thanks to our Black Belt members for umpiring on the day, and as always, a very big thank you to Mr Floyd Keane VI and the RITA Tournament Committee for running yet another successful event.


Grading Results

Congratulations to all our members who were successful in the colour belt grading on 10th April. Well done also to the members from Athlone who were promoted on the day. Examiner was Master O᾿Donnell VII (then Mr O᾿Donnell VI), ITF International Instructor. Results as follows:

Promoted toMember
2nd KupEmma Kirk
4th KupRafal Aksamit
5th KupCiaran Flatley
6th KupMicheal Joyce
Barry Healy
7th KupDamien Vaughan Aiden Traynor
Cristian Deliv
Catherine Higgins
James Arrigan
Kyle Guest
Devin Johnson
Ethan Brennan
8th KupLaura Cunninghan
Ronan O᾿Conghaile Darragh Bailey (O+)

The next main colour belt grading is planned for August in Athlone. There will be an assessment for the 10th Kup [white belt] junior members (Tigers/Dragons) in Galway on Wednesday 30th June.


Black Belt Promotions

Congratulations to Mr Tim Collins, who was promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt, and Ms Sarah Kirk, who was promoted to 1st Degree, at the recent RITA Black Belt Grading in Dublin. The grading panel consisted of Senior Master Howard VIII Degree, Senior Master Phelan VIII Degree & Senior Master Barrett VIII Degree. Well done to both Galway members on your promotions.


Congratulations Master Jacob

We would like to extend warmest congratulations to the RITA᾿s newest Master. Master John Jacob from Waterford was promoted to 7th Degree by First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha at the Black Belt Seminar and Grading in Glasgow on 7th March. Congratulations, Master Jacob, from Master O᾿Donnell and all of us in the Galway Taekwon-Do School.